Company Information

Tadano India Pvt. Ltd. was established as 100% owned subsidiary of Tadano Group, Japan, in the year 2012, and have commenced operations in India from April 2012. Prior to this the interest of Tadano was being taken care of by the different Distributors since the year 1999/2000.

Therefore, even before the Tadano India operations began in the year 2012 -and has started its direct operations, the Tadano brand in India has been highly recognized and successful - as one of the best world-class Japanese mobile crane manufacturers. Prior to the establishment of Tadano India, as above, Tadano has been steadily selling and successfully marketing Tadano Rough Terrain Cranes in this highly potential market, and have already established its name in the crane manufacturer's domain, as one of the leading and safest cranes for any operation .

The vast population of about 250 units of Rough Terrain Cranes, Truck Cranes and All terrain Cranes has also warranted us to offer world class after sales service to our existing customers. In order to fulfill the expectations of Indian Customers and to ensure the respected image of the Tadano Brand - the establishment of Tadano India was a very important step in the history of Tadano Ltd. Japan. This also helped and enhanced the cause and capability of Tadano’s Mission - to offer new and used equipment, product technical support, spare parts in shortest possible time and all other related services -as may be required by the Tadano users within India.

Despite a meagre population of about 250 Units in India currently, but with the visibility of rough terrain cranes and the safe and maintenance free working characteristics of some of these cranes - which are as old as 20 years - coupled with the focus and commitment of Tadano India being established, has further strengthened the solidarity of the Tadano Brand.


Our network well covers all over India and its geography with our Headquarters located in Bangalore - in the southern part of the Country. We have adequate strength of service personnel - who are well trained to handle any service problem on the existing Tadano Rough Terrain Cranes /All Terrain Cranes within India. We also have an arrangement with a local business associate to handle our spare parts operations - which have capability to stock filters, fast moving spares and are capable of delivering the parts in the remote areas of India -where these machines are being in operation- within the shortest possible time. This helps in the enhancement of Customer satisfaction level tremendously and that we are able to service any of our customers within the 48 hours of receipt of complaints.

We promote new cranes, used cranes and we render very effective after sales -service /support and we impart technical service training, operator training etc., and offer spare parts through our business partners and our mission is to maintain a very high level of service efficiency to maintain a very high level of customer satisfaction index. This is in line with the mission of our holding company, Tadano Ltd.


In line with and following the corporate tradition - we also follow very strictly our company’s core values of “Safety, Quality and Efficiency” and we place utmost and top priority on the safety of our customers, employees, our business associates and the community in general. Through the strengthening of quality of our products, services, and business operations, we in turn hope to contribute to the improved operational efficiency of our customers. These values not only strengthen our company culture but also stand behind every product that we deliver.

We hope to continue our tradition of customer friendly attitude and pledge to offer world class quality product - under the Tadano Brand Name along with world class product support.